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Seymour Public Library History

Seymour Public Library History

1871     The Seymour Library Association is formed.

1892   The Seymour Library and Reading Room Association is established on the 2nd floor of the Old Town Hall on Second Street.

              The Association dissolves. Its property is given to the town for the Seymour Free Public Library.

1910   General Charles H. Pine donates $1,000 to the library.

1914   Mr. Charles Bennett Wooster of  New Haven leaves a trust  of $55,000 to the library. This endowment is in use to this day.

          Mr. Henry P. Day and Mr. Edmund Day present a colonial brick building on Broad St. to the town for use as the newLibrary. The building is not used until the winter of 1916.

broad street library 19--
Seymour Public Library at Broad St. Location

 1955   The Broad St. Seymour Public Library is destroyed by the August flood of 1955.

                      In November, Mr. Bernard H. Matthies donates the use of the Aresthusa Spring Water Co. on Pearl St. as a temporary location for the library.

library after flood
The remains of the Seymour Public Library after the flood

1956     In June, at the annual town meeting, former State Rep. Bernard H. Matthies donates close to 5 acres of land for a new Seymour Public Library on the west side of Church St.

1958    The Seymour Public Library moves into its new and current home on Church St.

katherine matthies

1970    The Friends of the Seymour Public Library group is established.

1992    Seymour Public Library celebrates its 100 year anniversary.

 100 year celebration

1992-1994   The Seymour Public Library gets an expansion.

1996   Henry H. Hamel leaves a large trust to the library.     

                                                                     The Seymour Public Library Today

Seymour Public Library viewed from Church St.
Blue Spruce Tree donated by D.A.R. for Library's 1958 opening at Church St. location. Since came down in the storm of May 2018.

Seymour Public Library Logo
The Seymour Public Library
Sunday – Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Wednesday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
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Saturday: Closed
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