Juneteenth: National Independence Day


Presented by John Cilio, Historian

Juneteenth commemorates the June 19, 1865 Federal Government's announcement in Texas that emancipated the last enslaved African-American people of the Confederate South. Juneteenth, originally known as Jubilee Day, is a special holiday celebrating the promise of tomorrow that freedom provides every citizen.

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The Weekend the British Burned Danbury

"The Weekend the British Burned Danbury"

 Mike Allen's Local His-Stories

About the Program:

It was 1777, early in the Revolutionary War, and a weekend military mission into inland Connecticut was supposed to be a seminal military victory for the British in their attempts to put down the Patriot uprising. The objective was to march from Long Island Sound to Danbury and remove it as a key supply center for the Patriots. It was the first time the British had marched inland to do battle during the war. It didn't work out as exactly as planned.

About Mike Allen:

Mike Allen is the producer and host of the highly-rated podcast, Amazing Tales from Off and On Connecticut's Beaten Path, which features weekly programs on people, places, and events from Connecticut history. His 120+ episodes can be found at his website: www.amazingtalesct.com

Mike has lived in various parts of Connecticut for more than 50 years and currently lives in Danbury.

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Creating Connecticut

"Creating Connecticut"

Presentation by Walter W. Woodward-

Connecticut State Historian 2004-2022-

State historian emeritus Woodward will take us on a journey through some of the Nutmeg State's most fascinating tales!  From the early presence of the Dutch, to the dark days of witch hunts, Nathan Hale, and even Mark Twain's smoking habits.

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The Life and Times of William Webb: An African-American Civil War Soldier from Connecticut

In Person Presentation: Kevin Johnson-

from the CT State Library History & Genealogy Unit

Kevin Johnson from the CT State Library History & Genealogy Unit has been bringing William Webb to life through this presentation for twenty years.

Private Webb was an actual person, a native of Hartford, CT.  He was recruited in 1863 and served in the Twenty-Ninth (Colored) Regiment, Connecticut Volunteer Infantry in several battles in Virginia.

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Wed. April 10, 1pm- Free Movie "The Monk and the Gun"- PG-13

Wed. April 10, 2024 @ 1 P.M.

'The Monk And The Gun"

PG-13, 1 hr. 51 minutes

An American travels into Bhutan in search of a valuable antique rifle and crosses paths with a young monk who wanders through the serene mountains, instructed by his teacher to make things right again. This movie is filmed in Dzongkha with some English and subtitles.


Deirdre McMorrow & Paul Pender

Seymour Public Library Welcomes Back-

Deirdre McMorrow  & Paul Pender: Traditional Irish Fiddler & Guitarist/Songwriter-

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Library doors open for seating at 6:30 pm.

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Jack Sings Dino

Seymour Public Library Concert

"Jack Sings Dino"

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Library Doors Open at 6:30 pm-

Circulation & Public Computers Remain Closed

"True Crime at the Museum"

Seymour Public Library History Program

presented by

Natalie Belanger of the Connecticut Museum of Culture & History

Forgeries, theft, murder: our museum is full of artifacts that tell stories of long-ago crime and punishment. This presentation uncovers stories from Connecticut's past - and shows how our modern obsession with the true crime genre isn't so modern after all!

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Blue Moon Raptors "Reading about Raptors"

Learn about amazing hawks and owls


Blue Moon Raptors' animal ambassadors!

Great for families!

Tories, Spies, & Traitors: Divided Loyalty in Revolutionary Connecticut

 Seymour Public Library History Program

Presented by Mya Concepcion

The Connecticut Museum of Culture & History

Which side are you on? That's the question that every single person in Connecticut had to answer in 1775, as the thirteen colonies began a rebellion against British rule.  Loyalty was not only a matter of words or opinion. For soldiers and civilians alike, loyalty could mean loss of fortune, of friends, and even of life. This presentation reveals stories - some well known, some obscure - of Nutmegger's who risked and sacrificed to support their chosen side.

Free & Welcome to All!  Phone 203-888-3903 for more info.